Our Mobile Dog Grooming Trailer

Our custom trailer features everything we need to help your pet

Our dog grooming trailer

The Dip’N’Clip’s salon is a trailer that was custom designed by a company that specializes in grooming trailers called Wag’n Tails. It is a comfortable and functional environment. Completely self-contained, the trailer carries an ample supply of warm water and has its own electricity, so it is not necessary to use your water or power. With air conditioning and heating, the mobile dog grooming trailer is immune to weather extremes and your pet’s comfort is always assured.

Grooming in the trailer

In the mobile dog grooming trailer is everything necessary to create a comfortable grooming experience for your dog. Our generous tub is large enough for the biggest dogs while being safe and secure for the smallest breeds. If your dog has difficulty getting into the tub, a textured ramp keeps paws secure and your dog’s confidence high.

Once your pet’s bath is complete, our trailer has a high velocity blower to make drying quick and help remove excess hair. The central grooming table can be elevated to provide access for both large and small dogs. Everything necessary for grooming your dog is within reach in the trailer. If you prefer, a secure crate can be used to keep one pet close while another is groomed.

A professional groomer makes sure that your pet feels as pampered as you do.

Special services

The Dip’N’Clip has several special services available. Please ask for more information about teeth brushing, nail grinding and nail polish. De-shedding treatments can help reduce the amount of fur, particularly for dogs with dense undercoats like huskies, shepherds and collies. If necessary we also have flea baths and de-skunking services. De-matting treatments are also available for dogs that need this service.