Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my dog be groomed?

That depends on the breed of dog and its coat. We recommend about every four to six weeks for most dogs.

Do I need to be home when you groom my dog?

No you don't. That's one of the many reasons mobile grooming is so much more convenient. As long as we have access to your home to collect your dog, you can be at work, at school or having a pedicure while we take care of your pet.

Do you need water or electricity from my home?

Our mobile grooming trailer has plenty of warm water and electricity. You do not need to provide anything.

Can I watch?

While you are more than welcome to take a tour of our trailer, there's not much room to work in there. Once the grooming starts, we'll need to be the only one in the trailer with your dog. Your dog will also be better behaved with you out of sight. 

Do you take credit cards?

Yes we do

How far in advance should I book and how long will the appointment take?

We recommend that our clients schedule on-going appointments every four to six weeks. We can generally accommodate new clients within one to two weeks, although an appointment may be available sooner if we have a cancellation. Most appointments will take between one and two hours, although some dogs may require more time.

Can you accommodate large dogs? What about aggressive dogs?

We have a ramp so even the biggest dogs can be safely groomed in our trailer's wash tub. For over-sized dogs, we may ask for your help in moving your dog. As for mildly aggressive dogs, we can utilize a muzzle and special leashing; if your dog is severely aggressive you may need to make other arrangements.

My dog has fleas, can you help?

We can give your dog a flea bath, but as long as the environment is infested, your dog will be re-infested. We recommend that you consult your veterinarian for long-term flea control.

Why are your services more expensive than the regular groomer?

Mobile grooming does cost more than taking your pet to a groomer, but providing this convenience is more expensive for us. Driving time and fuel add to our costs as does the fact that a professional groomer is with your dog from start to finish. Most people agree that the convenience and the reduced stress for your dog is well worth the additional cost. 


My dog's coat is matted, what should I do?

Minor matting can be addressed by using specialized combs and techniques. For severe matting, however, shaving is a more humane alternative. Regular grooming and brushing will avoid matting in the future. 

Do you express anal glands?

Most dogs do this naturally, however, if your dog does need to have the anal glands expressed it is best to have your veterinary perform this service in a controlled environment. 

My dog got into a scrape with a skunk. Can you help? 

Yes we can. We have specialized shampoos that can help mitigate the musk. 

The best way to get reach us is by phone call or text. However  email is a slower responce