Leander area mobile grooming

A well-groomed dog is a happy dog. Besides the obvious benefits of being cleaner and shedding less, regular dog grooming provides a number of positives for your pet. A professional dog groomer is able to notice skin conditions, tumors and growths that may indicate a serious medical condition. Having this first line of defense may be the difference between a minor procedure at the vet and a potentially deadly outcome for your four-legged family member. Clean ears and a clean coat provide a less hospitable environment for pests and parasites. Regular dog grooming also allows your pet to be free of irritations and annoyances such as nails that are overgrown and mats of hair that pull and pinch.

Your dog won’t be the only one who is happier when he or she is treated to regular grooming. Your Profession pet groomer will help reduce the amount of hair and allergens in your home. When your dog receives a bath and trim in our trailer rather than your home, there is a dramatic reduction in the amount of fur and dirt that you need to contend with. 

Mobile dog grooming  provides additional benefits that you won’t find in a traditional dog grooming salon. The Dip’N’Clip provides the transportation for you: no more worries about high-stress car rides and dirty pets in your car. Personal attention allows your pet to develop a relationship with his or her groomer; this means less stress for your dog and a better grooming experience. Our clean, sanitary environment ensures that your pet won’t be exposed to other animals and their diseases and parasites. Mobile dog grooming is also much more convenient for you. We can book your appointment around your schedule. Please call us today to learn more about The Dip’N’Clip’s services.